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StarTribune: Park Square update of ‘Pirates’ is see­ worthy

“Scholz-Carlson’s command of tone is so sure that this Pirates also hits the right notes when it needs to be more tender…

With all of the broad comedy, played directly to the audience, things could get out of hand, but the production feels disciplined and serious in its giddiness. The effect is that all of the characters — and, by extension, the actors playing them — seem to be having a swell time in this unorthodox Pirates. And it is contagious.” -Chris Hewitt

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Pioneer Press/ Park Square Theatre’s ‘Pirates of Penzance’ gives a fun, new look

“If not done judiciously, these sorts of amendments can do unintended violence to the source material, subverting the intent of the creators. But this production has such clear a affection for and knowledge of the source material that the redo never seems anything but deft and delightful. Too, it offers the opportunity that audiences of this show haven’t had since 1879: the delicious anticipation of not knowing exactly what’s going to come next. “ -Dominic Papatola

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Cherry and Spoon

“This show is proof that classic pieces we love, despite some outdated parts, can be updated to feel fresh, modern, relevant, and still worthy of doing… I didn’t think I could love Pirates more, until I saw this ingeniously deconstructed and re-imagined version.”

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HowWasTheShow: a fresh reframing of a beloved classic

“…this new adaptation is a joyful ode to the original, full of everything that made Pirates so beloved plus some modern commentary that brings the satirical spirit of Gilbert and Sullivan into the present day.

It’s fresh, it’s delightful, and it’s our solemn duty to urge you to see it.”
-David and Chelsea Berglund

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City Pages

“This clever adaptation by Doug Scholz-Carlsen presents the hijinks in a rollicking new context….The upheaval of the makeshift show allows for a comic chaos perfectly aligned to the irreverent sensibilities of the source material.” -Brad Richason

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Twin Cities Arts Reader

“…a refreshing spin on the classic comic opera….an exceedingly witty and hilarious retelling of this vintage story.” -Bev Wolfe

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BroadwayWorld: Faithful and Funny Updated PIRATES OF PENZANCE at Park Square Theatre

“This is a nearly non-stop romp, replete with occasional modern references (yes, she persists!) and would be fun for the whole family… Thanks to the adaptation, this is no musty museum piece, but a hilarious evening with contemporary references. Give yourself a treat and go.” -Karen Bovard

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Compedium: Park Square’s Pirates of Penzance Reinvents A Genre (In a Great Way)

“This revision swept me off my feet with its charm and energy, and I think it’s the best on-stage iteration of Pirates of Penzance that I’ve seen to-date. … I can’t recommend this staging highly enough, and even die-hard and time-worn Pirates of Penzance fans are guaranteed to find something new to love in this show – I promise.” -Becki Iverson

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“Doug Scholz-Carlson, and co-adapter Bradley Greenwald have certainly taken the comic opera out of the museum, and pumped it with helium, lifting the whole enterprise to glorious heights.

If you have seen The Pirates of Penance before and thought you might pass this time, let me tell you, you have not seen this re-imagined production. And if you have never seen Pirates, how lucky you are to have your first acquaintance with that old chestnut in a production containing such talent, wit, and exuberance. I can’t imagine a better tonic for trying times.” -Arthur Dorfman

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Coffee Talk with Brett: “Just brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!”

The Pirates of Penzance is a hilarious farce that was the perfect production to see with all the snow in Minnesota. It made for a great and spirit lifting evening for a night at the theater full of laughs and smiles. A wonderful production for anyone…” -Brett Burger

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“Park Square has made [Pirates] something brilliant and brand new. It is smart, funny, relevant and full of beautiful music.”

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