Director | The Liar | Park Square Theatre

“Park Squareʼs dizzy, fizzy staging of “The Liar” is a fine way to say goodbye to the carefree days of summer.”

-Dominic Papatola, Pioneer Press

“Directed by Doug Scholz-Carlson, the cast is incredibly playful, while still delivering the iambic pentameter in a clear and understandable way.”

-Jill Shafer, Cherry and Spoon

“There is not a weak link throughout, and Scholz-Carlson’s direction wisely gives each performer space to improvise and roam, trusting in their understanding of comedic timing to maintain the show’s energy.

It is something special to see great comedic performers enjoying their work; fluidly feeding off each other’s cues and milking bits while emanating that they are having a lot of fun in the process. While dramatic performances can certainly be rewarding for performers, there is never a feeling those on stage will have to fight back a sincere grin. And that feeling can make for a fun, communal ride.”

-David and Chelsea Berglund,

“If you’re in the mood for this winking spoof, replete with wordplay in which “Louvre” is coupled with “move-re,” then by all means grab a seat for Scholz-Carlson’s ambitious production. He and his cast don’t miss a trick and composer/musician Don Livingston punctuates the entire show with a remarkably fine harpsichord accompaniment.”

-Graydon Royce, StarTribune

“I will tell the truth: I had a terrific time at The Liar…

Director Doug Scholz-Carlson has staged The Liar’s Minnesota premiere at Park Square Theatre with the breathless physical pace typical of comedies at the Great River Shakespeare Festival, where Scholz-Carlson is Artistic Director. The result is a constantly engaging show with abundant wit that elicits continuous hearty laughter.

Director Scholz-Carlson has ensured that every member of his cast has an opportunity to contribute to the hearty fun. In return, they all seem to be having a terrific time, creating a contagious light-heartedness.

Those familiar with Scholz-Carlson’s work at Great River Shakespeare Festival will recognize the galloping comic pacing, and the use of the entire space, including the aisles.”

-Arty Dorman, TalkinBroadway

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