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Cherry and Spoon’s 2015 Wrap-up: What I’m Most Grateful For

The Snow Queen at Park Square Theatre: following the delightful new trend of musicals in which cast and band are one, eight actor/musician/singer/dancers told Hans Christian Anderson’s charming winter tale with joyful innovation. It was a truly magical and spellbinding evening of storytelling.”

-Jill Schafer




Director Doug Scholz-Carlson gives enchanting life to Michael Peter Smith’s musical adaptation, with a fine cast featuring voices as pure as falling snow. Most of the lines are sung, and the simple melodies fit the tale’s guileless nature.

-Renee Valois, Pioneer Press

“If there is virtuosity in this “Snow Queen,” it comes from the sum of all these things. … Scholz-Carlson and his cast construct a spirit that invades us with Andersen’s fantasy.”

-Graydon Royce, Minneapolis StarTribune

BWW Review: Park Square Theatre’s THE SNOW QUEEN is Magical, Musical, Innovative Storytelling at its Best

“This musical adaptation of the Hans Christian Anderson story THE SNOW QUEEN is something truly unique and special. It’s so charming, whimsical, funny, creative, and yes, magical….

-Jill Schafer, Cherry and Spoon and Broadway World

“I went into this show with great expectations, and The Snow Queen exceeded them!”

-Mary Aalgaard Play off the Page

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