Director: Romeo and Juliet – Great River Shakespeare Festival


“I have come to have very high expectations of Great River Shakespeare Festival’s work. This Romeo and Julietexceeds even those, and is one the best productions yet from this essential fount of classic theater.”

Romeo and Juliet | Great River Shakespeare Festival | Photos by Dan Norman | Set: Eric Stone | Costumes: Margaret Weedon | Lighting: Lonnie Alcaraz | Original Music: Mike Munson | Props: Nikki Kulas | Cast: Caroline Amos, Michael Fitzpatrick, Jucoby Johnson, Christopher Gerson, Jim Poulos, Silas Sellnow, Brian White, Robert Ramiraz, Benjamin Boucvalt, Rosemary Brownlow, Tarah Flanagan, Mike Munson and Chris Mixon

Bardfilm review: Tremendous Shakespeare at Great River Shakespeare Festival

“…Second, a few scattered thoughts:

  • I never noticed how often these two young lovers threaten to commit suicide. I think they each suggested they would end their lives three times. This production heightened that element of being on the edge of devastation, and that kept the audience on the edge of its collective seat.
  • Peter, one of the Capulet servants, is usually around for comic relief. He’s illiterate, yet he’s asked to deliver letters addressed to the important people of the town. You wouldn’t expect there to be much depth in his character—yet this production gives him a sensitivity and purpose (in addition to the comic relief) that added to the scope and tragedy of the play.”


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