To tell a story in the theater, an actor allows the audience to witness an event that does not take place. If successful, what the audience believes they have seen is not what actually happened. A well choreographed and executed punch compresses this central truth of all good acting into a well-defined action on stage.

A punch that is too much like reality injures an actor. A punch that is too little like reality elicits laughter at a critical dramatic moment. An audience in the theater desires to be fooled but refuses to be deceived.

The art of fight choreography lies in knowing the difference and finding the balance.


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  1. Denyce Graves says:

    Doug- Denyce Graves here. I have recently been engaged by Minnesota Opera to direct a new production of Carmen.
    They suggested you as fight and intimacy Director.
    I’d love to have a conversation with you.

    1. I’d be honored to work with you. Let’s connect via email.

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