Director: Romeo and Juliet – Austin Opera

“Given a polished and glowing presentation by Austin Opera, Romeo and Juliet is a grandiose, gallant, and beautifully staged telling of Shakespeare’s most well-known tale…”

“…Douglas Scholz-Carlson would prove to be a gifted director, marrying the elements of reality with the magical beauty of the story everyone knows, bound together with the late French romanticism of Gounod’s lush score….”
“Mr. Scholz-Carlson’s staging of the overture is gorgeous; the two young lovers magically appear, and in a moment perish before our eyes. His talent with fight choreography is equally impressive. ”
Broadway World Opera

“We did a little non-scientific poll. Christian Rodriguez and Brisa Ponce hung out on the light platform in front of the terrace during the first intermission and called the show “magical.” Phyllis Kung said it was “classic,” while Joseph Herda described it as “rich.” Ken Sanborn and Victoria Alvarez judged their evening at Romeo and Julietenchanting!”

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