Fight Choreographer

To tell a story in the theater, an actor allows the audience to witness an event that does not take place. If successful, what the audience believes they have seen is not what actually happened. A well choreographed and executed punch compresses this central truth of all good acting into a well-defined action on stage.

A punch that is too much like reality injures an actor. A punch that is too little like reality elicits laughter at a critical dramatic moment. An audience in the theater desires to be fooled but refuses to be deceived.

The art of fight choreography lies in knowing the difference and finding the balance.

King Henry IV, Part 1 at Great River Shakespeare Festival

Photos by Michal Daniel


Palm Beach OperaRomeo et Juliette

“[The] conception of the fight scene in act three was excitingly gritty,…” –Palm Beach Daily News

Romeo and Juliet - Palm Beach Opera directed by Kevin Newbury

“…the knife fights carry an edge of genuine menace and violence.”
South Florida Classical Review

Romeo and Juliet - Palm Beach Opera directed by Kevin Newbury

“The fight scenes are “fantastic,” he [director Kevin Newbury] says, thanks to the work of fight choreographer Doug Scholz-Carlson…”
Palm Beach Post

Romeo and Juliet - Palm Beach Opera directed by Kevin Newbury

Romeo and Juliet - Palm Beach Opera directed by Kevin Newbury

“The fatal Mercutio-Romeo-Tybalt fight was imaginatively choreographed by Doug Scholz-Carlson..” –Palm Beach Post

Romeo and Juliet - Palm Beach Opera directed by Kevin Newbury

“There was plenty of busy action, particularly in the dance-like fight scene choreographed by Doug Scholz-Carlson…” –Palm Beach Arts Paper

Read more and see video of the fight

Wuther Heights - Minnesota OperaMore Projects

Minnesota Opera
Eric Simonson            Wuthering Heights

Park Square Theater
Joel Sass            Oliver Twist

Pittsburgh Opera
Eric Simonson            The Grapes of Wrath

Romeo and Juliet – Great River Shakespeare Festival (Jacques Roy as Tybalt)

York New City Opera
Thor Steingraber            The Capulets and the Montagues

Utah Opera and Symphony
Eric Simonson            The Grapes of Wrath

Minnesota Opera
Eric Simonson       Silent Night (World Premier)
Eric Simonson               Wuthering Heights
Eric Simonson    The Grapes of Wrath (World Premier)
David Roth (org. Keith Warner)            Carmen
Leah Hausmann                                      Otello
Michael Erlich                                  Street Scene
Thor Steingraber                   Capuleti e i Monteci
Christopher Mataliano            Pagliacci
Eric Simonson            The Handmaid’s Tale  (American Premier)

Guthrie Theater                       
Joe Dowling Long Days Journey Into Night
John Miller Stephany Born Yesterday
Joe Chvala A Christmas Carol
Jef Hall-Flavin            The Stuff of Dreams

“Meriting a mention, though, is Doug Scholz-Carlson, whose fight choreography brings vigorous zest, particularly in the contretemps among the fairy-dusted and deluded lovers.” -Graydon Royce, Minneapolis StarTribune on  A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Park Square Theater

Park Square Theater
Joel Sass                   Oliver Twist
Richard Cook               The Odyssey
Jef Hall-Flavin            A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Richard Cook              Othello

Children’s Theater Company
David Mann            Disney’s Mulan, Jr.
Whit MacLaughlin            The Hobbit
Eric Simonson            Korczak’s Children
Michael John Garces            Snapshot Silhouette

Great River Shakespeare Festival
Paul Barnes              Henry IV, Part 1
Alec Wild                 Othello           
Paul Barnes            Romeo and Juliet
Paul Barnes               As You Like It
Also directed                 Macbeth
Alec Wild                     Richard III

Nautilus Music-Theater           
Ben Krywocz   Man of LaMancha

Thirst Theater                                
Also directed            Sit Down

Macbeth - Great River Shakespeare Festival (Christorpher Gerson and Chris Mixon)
Macbeth – Great River Shakespeare Festival (Christopher Gerson and Chris Mixon)

Jungle Theater
Joel Sass      Hitchcock Blonde
Bain Boehlke     How the Other Half  Loves

Minnesota Shakespeare Festival
David Mann            Romeo and Juliet
Also directed            Hamlet
“                        Pericles, Prince of Tyre
“                        Macbeth

Seattle Police Department
Also directed            Lily Loves Charlie, Okay?

Rogue Theater                      
David Mann            Corleone

Stillwater Area H. S.            Haeri Tollefcson            Hamlet

St. John’s Prep. School            Paul Neiber            Romeo and Juliet

Eastview High School            Scott DuRocher            Corleone, Beauty and the Beast

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