Director | Richard III | Great River Shakespeare Festival

“The production is spellbinding…”
Arty Dorfman, Talkin Broadway

“This year’s Richard III was one of the best plays I’ve seen at the Great River Shakespeare Festival—and you know that I’ve seen a lot of great plays there over the years….”

Keith Jones, Bardfilm

Richard III at Great River Shakespeare Festival
Silas Sellnow and Duncan McIntyre, Photo by Jonathan Contreras

“…a muscular production that captures the audience throughout, from Richard’s opening lines…. As malevolent as Richard is, it is impossible to look away from his obsessive quest for power. In [Christopher] Gerson’s portrayal, his steely resolve, unbounded energy, and the wit of his deceit impress even as we are appalled by his horrific thoughts and deeds….

Gerson commands the center of the production, but his is not the only impressive performance. The GRSF ensemble cast are all excellent, adeptly handling accents and, in most cases, playing multiple roles with no loss of focus, which is greatly supported by Scholz-Carlson’s steady directorial hand.

Arty Dorfman, Talkin Broadway

More photos by Dan Norman on Flickr

The production had great unity, passion, and force. The Great River Shakespeare Festival has, once again, provided exceptional theatre to its audiences.

Keith Jones, Bardfilm


Director and Fight Choreographer: Doug Scholz-Carlson
Photos by Dan Norman

Richard III: Christopher Gerson
Caroline Amos, Benjamin Boucvalt, Alex Givens, Stephanie Lambourn, Katie LeSuer, Melissa Maxwell, Duncan McIntyre, Christopher Peltier, Silas Sellnow, Jason Michael Spelbring, Emma Bucknam, Adeline Matthees

R. Eric Stone (Set Designer)
Rebecca Bernstein (Costume Designer)
Lonnie Alcaraz (Lighting Designer)
Katharine Horowitz (Original Music and Sound Designer)
Connor McEvoy (Properites)
Laura F. Wendt (Stage Manager)
Bryan Hunt (Text Coach)
Joseph Millett (Production Manager)

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