Brundibar-Palm Beach Opera

Director: Brundibar – Palm Beach Opera

From Lucy Dwyer – Principal in the Palm Beach area schools:

Brundibar - Palm Beach Opera“My congratulations to YSPB for the outstanding performance of Brundibar. I pulled the study guide off the Kravis site and reviewed it. This morning I taught a class to the 8th grade to prepare them for the play. I had 24 8th graders, a History teacher and a teacher’s aide with me.

“The History teacher was moved to tears throughout the play. She said that the play was the most outstanding performance and important performance that she had ever taken the children to at the Kravis. Her only regret is that she had not closed middle school and taken them all. I was extremely proud of all the YSPB performers. It was an important lesson and one close to my heart.

“My tears started as soon as the yellow star came out. Mady was with me and was so moved by the story. It was a pleasure to watch my own daughter grow through this learning experience. I loved being able to share that with her. We had already bought tickets for tomorrow night and I look forward to sharing this with the whole family. Wow. What an amazing experience for our LPBS students. Thank you for all the hard work to bring this important story forward. Many thanks.”

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