Turn of the Screw - Madison Opera

Director: The Turn of the Screw at Madison Opera

The Onion – AV Club:
The Turn Of The Screw combines Henry James, opera, and badass special effects

“Unanswered questions and strange circumstances are part of the appeal of this chamber opera’s sleek storytelling….Director Doug Scholz-Carlson’s staging is at once sparse and richly theatrical, using scrims, lights and stylized movement to create a mood of spooky unreality. …”

‘Turn of the Screw” a must-see

Best of all, I liked the sepia-like ghostly projections on the gauze-like screens that sometimes even slowed down the action to an otherworldly effect. It was powerful and original use of visual imagery at its best…
-The Well Tempered Ear

“Each performance is sold out.
My advice: if you don’t have tickets: Find a scalper.”


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